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The fourth workshop dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


The fourth workshop dedicated to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) organized for members of the internal working group of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (SORS) was held on December 30th, 2020 through the MSTeams app.

The workshop was attended by 10, out of a total of 15, members of the internal working group. The agenda of the workshop referred to current issues related to the work of the members of the working group on SDG indicators.

The following information is given and the following tasks for 2021 are defined:

  1. At the beginning of November 2020, a total of 83 SDG indicators for the Republic of Serbia (RS) were set on the COR portal, databases, profiles and visualization, a total of 245 (7 new indicators compared to the previous database).
  2. Based on 83 indicators, including the new indicators from MICS, as well as from other sources, PhD Marija Babović wrote the Report on the progress in achieving the SDG until 2030 in the Republic of Serbia. You can download the mentioned report in Serbian here, in English here, and you can download the bilingual publication from this link.
  3. From January 2021, the portal, dissemination database, profiles and visualization of SDG, as well as DevInfo databases - national and municipal - will be updated 4 times a year, on January 31, April 30, August 31. and October 31.
  4. Colleagues in charge of individual goals should continue to communicate with internal and external data providers, and, when new data for RS are provided, follow the UN site with data and metadata.
  5. Thanks to the collected updated data, in cooperation with colleagues from the IT sector, the unified portals and databases were updated, and especially the portal sdg.indikatori.rs was improved, which will continue to be regularly updated and improved